A Space for Working Differently in Berlin

The Base1 provides unique, flexible spaces for generating ideas outside the usual working environment. Located in Berlin’s Wedding district, the Base1 furnishes you with a relaxed backdrop for testing out new processes with teams, for building prototypes, for exchanging ideas and for finding inspiration. It is a testament to our belief that surroundings shape one’s state of mind. Like the Base7 in Esslingen, the Base1 has been designed to unlock your creative potential.


TheDive Base1 from The Dive on Vimeo.

Work Space


Work Space

The Base1’s workshop space can accommodate up to six five-person teams working in parallel. Guests can arrange the moveable tables, chairs, bookshelves and whiteboards as needed. Presentations can be made from comfortable retractable benches or in chair circles for up to 30 persons without having to rearrange the team spaces. The shelves contain supplies for visualising and structuring ideas: markers, post-its, timers, modelling clay, Legos, even wigs. Cold beverages, coffee, and tea are available in the kitchenette. We can also organise catering services if needed.

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Unser Materialkoffer ist großzügig

Team Space

The tables, shelving, whiteboards and chairs in the workshop space can be repositioned or removed as needed. The area accommodates up to 40 persons and serves multiple uses – closed-door meetings, active training sessions, design thinking jams and team yoga classes.

Need a single team space for up to five persons? The Base1 has what you’re looking for. Whiteboards, standing tables and stools, flexible shelves with materials for visualization and role playing, and a kitchenette create a habitat for testing new ideas and rethinking work processes.

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Überall gibt es kleine Ecken zum Eintauchen

Community Space

The Base1 is also designed for hanging out, for network powwows and for community meetings. A comfy sofa, a leather armchair and a clutch of window alcoves provide places for chilling and talking. The carpet-lined workshop area can hold gatherings of 80 to 100 persons, while chairs and retractable benches are available for presentations. The Base1 has an inspiring atmosphere for every constellation.

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Base1 Cafe

Event Space

Events can also be booked at the Base1 in the evening, when guests are greeted by the warm yellow glow of the cloakroom.

The carpeted workshop space can be lined with chairs or kept empty. There’s a screen for films and presentations, and the space is suited for more formal receptions as well. We also offer catering services with mostly vegetarian menus containing regionally and sustainably grown food

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Brimming with life…

Voices hum, a moderator talks in the workshop space, some participants hover curiously at the doorway, others stand around the coffee maker. An herb garden gathers light at the window sill.

Whiteboards, covered edge to edge with notes and illustrations, are pushed aside to make room for an audio massage on a cushy carpet. In a quiet corner, several people wearing headphones concentrate on numbers and figures. Another, sitting in a wardrobe behind a curtain of disco-ball beads, listens attentively while on the phone. Water boils in an electric kettle. A parrot perches on a tree branch inside the bathroom.

An organic evolution…

Occupying 500-m2 of a yellow-brick industrial building in the north of Berlin, the Base1 is a playground for new ways of working. The countless ideas, large and small, that have gone into this space have sprung from many minds. They are based on our principle of co-creation. We imagined and discussed them in vision workshops, and then applied each one successively, making modifications whenever needed.

Take the cloakroom, whose warm yellow glow greets visitors as they enter the Base1. Its honeycomb-like construction began only with a few strips of tape on the floor. Then we cut wooden boards and assembled the structure. At first, we didn’t know which lamps to use. But just like the plants, the shelving and the sofas, the right ones eventually found their way into our hands. Next to the cloakroom, the restrooms offer two vastly different scenes: a wild jungle, replete with birds, palm leaves and a golden waterfall; and a space cowboy cosmos.

Since opening, the Base1 has been used in a variety of ways: dinner parties, sun-bathed breakfast meetings, intense work sessions. It’s proven itself on every occasion, even as it remains a work in progress – but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Contact & Directions


Heidi Hannemann, Base Managerin
Tel: +49 (0)30-13 884131

TheDive GmbH
Uferstr. 6
13357 Berlin


By train

Located in the north of Berlin, the Base1 can be easily reached via the B96 or B96a highway. Since Uferstraße is not a thoroughfare, take the B96 to Wiesenstraße and turn left at Uferstraße. If approaching from the B96a, cross Wollankstraße, Prinzenallee and Pankstraße before turning right on Schönstedtstraße and making another right on Uferstraße.

By car

Located in the north of Berlin, the Base1 can be easily reached via the B96 or B96a highway. Take the B96 to Wiesenstraße and turn left on Uferstraße. (Note: cars cannot enter Uferstraße from the other direction.) If approaching from the B96a, cross Wollankstraße, Prinzenallee and Pankstraße before turning right on Schönstedtstraße and making another right on Uferstraße.

By air

Tegel: Take the 128 Bus from Tegel Airport to Osloer Straße (around 25 minutes). From there, it’s only a five-minute walk to the Base1. Alternatively, you can take a 20-minute taxi ride from Tegel.

Schönefeld: Walk from the airport terminal to the train station. Take either the S9 to Ostkreuz or the S7 to Jannowitzbrücke. Exit, enter the U8, and exit at Pankstraße. The total journey takes around 50 minutes. A taxi ride lasts about 40 minutes.