The Stellar Approach Transformation Toolkit
Every organization has its own unique needs when it comes to advancing sustainability and driving regenerative change. Our transformation kit offers four concrete starting points.
Strategic Alignment
Clear alignment in leadership

You need a shared intention, resolve and a powerful narrative for your regenerative journey. Leadership is particularly important here.

Strategic Alignment consists of 2 modules of 1.5 days each, which are ideally experienced by the participating executives in presence. It offers the opportunity to find a common goal on the way to regenerative management, as well as to identify pragmatic paths towards it. The individual inner contradictions, which purely profit-oriented work entails in times of global crises, are also given space and can be transferred into a solution space.

For managers

  • who ask themselves what opportunities regenerative management offers their company
  • who want to take time for a new perspective on their economic activities
  • who want to take their company into a regenerative future and are looking for an orderly process to do so
  • who want to align and sensitize their management team in preparation for entering regenerative business models
Team Development
Team by team towards a regenerative mindset

If you want to be regenerative, you need regenerative habits across the entire organization. Not every organizational unit or team needs to proceed at the same pace. That said, it helps to give teams a clear idea of how they can develop towards being more regenerative in what they’re doing day in, day out.

Stellar Team Development, similar to the Loop, is a team-based training aimed at changing behaviors and thus creating cultural change towards a regenerative mindset. Stellar Team Development gradually establishes a new perspective and way of decision making, and successively changes the impact. Along the way, it also provides room for individual development of each employee.

For companies

  • who aspire to an extensive cultural change towards regenerative thinking and acting
  • who want to see and promote the potential for this in teams
  • who want to achieve comprehensible results
  • who value the motivation and involvement of each individual employee
  • who want to attract and retain committed talent
Stellar Impact
Cross-functional innovation teams build regenerative business models

Future-proof business models need to measure themselves against regenerative principles. This may mean transforming existing business models or redesigning them from scratch.

Stellar Impact is a lean startup-based short-term program for innovative product development teams. It offers the opportunity to design and test individual regenerative business models in a clearly defined sprint logic. The development is accompanied by coaching and anchored by a physical box.

For companies

  • who want to pragmatically try out a new way of doing business
  • who want to systematically address previously undiscovered potential of sustainable business models
  • who want to carry out lighthouse projects in order to set an example
  • who want to give committed talents opportunities to help shape future business models
Impact Measurement
Measurement of holistic business success

Holistic dashboards that take account of environmental and social measures—as well as economic ones—are crucial for a regenerative future, enabling us to keep key goals in sight and carry on adjusting our course until we meet them.

Impact measurement paves the way from classic to new business practices. In addition to hard metrics such as CO2 emissions, we also consider soft values such as the perceived meaningfulness of work to be helpful. Meaningful metrics require different approaches depending on the status quo and the goals set. In cooperation with partners, TheDive offers suitable solutions for measurement, communication and reporting.

For companies

  • who want to make change measurable - for example, to enable transparency for their stakeholders
  • who are ready to open up to a regenerative definition of success
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The 4 Stellar Principles

Embedded, Circular, Inclusive and Long-Term—these four principles answer the question of what a regenerative business looks like, one that is in harmony with planetary boundaries and that has business models that lead to social justice.

First steps for big assignments: what we offer to get you started
Stellar Learning Lunch – 90 min

90 min / up to 150 participants / virtual

We won't save the world in 90 minutes, but it can be a start. Our Stellar Learning Lunch will introduce regenerative principles and present some tools in interactive exercises that can be used immediately in your own work.

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Stellar Masterclass – 1 day

1 day / up to 16 participants / virtual or face-to-face

The Stellar master class is a one-day deep dive where participants get an overview of regenerative economics. Instead of working your way through numerous publications, you'll get the opportunity to explore what the Stellar principles and regenerative approaches mean for your own organization. We'll also reveal what three drunk men in a car have to do with global crises.

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InterStellar Learning Journey – 3 days

3 days / up to 16 participants / virtual

Our InterStellar Learning Journey is an immersive learning format that thrives on the diversity and input of our speakers. We travel to companies that have already embarked on the path towards a regenerative future and talk to experts who give us new perspectives on business.

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