Ready to dive into something new?

It is time to rethink organisations and companies.
It is time to redefine economic success and to use the power of the economy to do good.
It is time to recognise that everything is connected.
It is time to rediscover who we are and what we do.
It is time to utilise our true potential. It is time. 



TheDive is a business. TheDive is an idea. TheDive is part of a community.

TheDive is a business. TheDive is an idea. TheDive is part of a community.

Welcome to a new economic sector in which companies help solve today’s problems, not exacerbate them.
TheDive assists you in becoming part of this world, one where economic success and social responsibility go hand in hand.

>How do we do it? By combining holistic tools with entrepreneurial thinking. By utilizing cutting-edge methods in powerful places. By looking at the big picture. By being passionate about what is essential. By acting with conviction.

We are part of global movement of >like-minded peers who believe we can achieve more – today.



Tomorrow is already yesterday.

In our rapidly changing world many of the ideas of the past decades no longer work. Be it in economics, politics or society, the old formulas require more and more effort, yet are less and less effective. 

The world needs something new.
We believe that companies can survive in the future only if they start their transformation today. Only if they acknowledge the tested ideas of the past while preparing themselves for those of tomorrow.

We don’t know our final destination but we know the direction we’re headed. Join us on our journey as we explore the new – together.


Building Blocks

Next Generation Business. Today.

TheDive helps you embark on the next chapter of your development. Taking such a step demands courage. The courage to enter unknown territory, to question yourself and give up old habits. TheDive gives you the nudge you need.

What do you stand to gain? New perspectives. Modern business models. An organization with more vitality. And the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making the world a better place. It’s not easy and it won’t happen overnight. But every step in the right direction is a step worth taking.




We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

At TheDive we don’t just talk. We put theory into practice. We believe that things can be done differently, so we do things differently. We eschew hierarchy, not methodology. Our intentions are clear but we allow space for life to unfold. A handful of founders make up our core but TheDive doesn’t end there. We see our clients as partners in a collective system of learning. We strive towards economic success, but not at the cost of people and the planet.

We are a new kind of organisation.


Nabil Ranné

Simon Berkler

Jörn Apel

Lena Marbacher

Uli Schoop, MBA

Anja v. Klitzing-Bantzhaff

Johannes Ries

Meik Schwalm

Constanze Bürkner

Dr. Annekaryn Ranné

Daniel Ringwald

Vincent Lauenstein

Emily Thomey

Nadine El-Ishmawi

Sebastian Klein

Sandra Kettner



Fortunately we are not alone.

TheDive belongs to a growing, closely connected network of peers that share a single vision. These individuals, organisations and initiatives are all part of the same transformation. Our peers are our inspiration. We thank them for being there.


Unsere Kunden



Join the club.

Our doors are open to anyone ready to dive into something new. A founding partner of  >B Corp Germany, TheDive provides expertise to organisations that want to be among the growing number of companies around the world who have adopted the people-planet-profit framework.

We have worked together with large corporations, mid-size companies, start-ups, NGOs, agencies and universities, both in Germany and internationally.