Collaboration & Leadership
TheDive provides experience-based systems for learning new forms of collaboration and leadership.

Collaborating in today’s work world requires a new set of principles. 21st-century complexities demand iteration, agility and co-creation. The power hierarchies of yesteryear must give way to purpose-driven structures that leave more space for transparency and autonomy. Our methods invite you to think about and try out new ways of working. Take the plunge and experience the satisfaction of reimagining what your organization can be.

Leadership Programms

Every organisation needs a clear idea of the role played by leadership. The question is how to cultivate a responsible rapport between individual autonomy and top-down management. Our leadership programme makes space for reflection and mutual understanding.


Our transformation curricula help teams apply and establish new ways of working. We teach you how to design effective meetings, advance your facilitation skills and manage conflicts and tensions.

Learning & Inspiration Journeys

Many businesses and organisations are making the transition to a new world of work. Why not learn from each other? With our learning journeys, you visit business leaders at the leading edge of new work practices – people who can show you how it’s done. In addition to successes, we also talk about setbacks and what you can learn from them.

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Virtual leadership

Many companies have moved mountains in crisis mode in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and made virtual collaboration a reality. Good leadership is needed so that sustainable and healthy new structures can grow out of this.

But how does "good" leadership succeed in the virtual space? How do we give teams the necessary orientation, security and balance so that they can work together in the best possible way?

In a 4-hour interactive workshop, we will get to the bottom of these questions together.

Training and education
Loop Academy

At the Loop Academy, we offer a wide range of different trainings and teaching formats that revolve around the topics of collaboration, cultural development and leadership. From open individual courses to multi-day training to become a Loop Fellow.

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