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We support teams in taking the next developmental step, enabling them to strengthen and grow their own circle of influence within the organization.
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Team development is an incredibly effective way to catalyze major transformation initiatives. It involves taking bold steps forward or experimenting with new forms of collaboration. Teams, as the smallest organizational units, often have more autonomy than they realize. We assist you in harnessing this autonomy to enhance your teamwork and effectiveness step by step.

Collaborative, role-based, and in iterations

Whether establishing agile collaboration or taking initial steps in sustainability transformation:

Teams can forge ahead with bold strides, altering their work routines and practices within their sphere of influence, thereby radiating impact throughout the entire organization. This can be achieved without substantial central budgets or top-down permission.

In doing so, they contribute to the organization's overall development by becoming beacons of change and opportunity.

For the two most crucial development areas of future-proof organizations, we have developed standardized transformation processes for teams: The Loop Approach® for agile collaboration and The Stellar Approach® for regenerative economy.

The Loop Approach®
A team development process for agile collaboration

Future-oriented organizations operate self-organized, role-based, and with flat hierarchies to respond flexibly to the challenges and needs of our time.

With the clear and structured process of the Loop Approach, your team will be empowered through 3 workshop modules of 2 days each to embed these collaboration paradigms into your daily work routine.

The Stellar Approach®
A team development process for regenerative economy

Sustainability is one of the most critical topics on the transformation agenda for all organizations. The question isn't whether organizations want to become sustainable, but how.

With the Stellar Approach, we ensure that sustainable and regenerative competencies are embedded throughout the organization. Through 3 workshop modules of 2 days each, your teams will learn how to make what they do every day progressively more sustainable and regenerative.

Because every job today is a sustainability job.

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