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We need an economic understanding that aligns economic health with the needs of the planet and society. We call this a life-centric economy. At TheDive, we don't want to wait for someone else to build this economy. We start with ourselves as an example. Every day, we explore how we can evolve as a life-centric organization and see ourselves as a laboratory for a new economy.

The Life-centric Organization
A new understanding of organizations for a new era.

In Life-centric Organizations, planet, people, and profit stand side by side as equals. We explain how this relates to regenerative business and the 5+1 levels in this article.

New Finance
New ways of doing numbers for a new economy

The entire reality of our economy is significantly shaped by the analyses of financial departments. Our Diver Andreas has questioned established methods of controlling in relation to a purpose-oriented understanding of organizations and has written a book about it.

New Pay
Fair, transparent, self-determined salaries - How does that work?

An important lever for the overall structure of any organization is salaries. At TheDive, we have developed a new process over the past months aimed at making our salaries even more transparent, fair, and self-determined – and hence, enhancing our organization's regenerative approach.

New Leadership
Why we abolished the lead role

The lead role was traditionally where most leadership responsibilities were concentrated. Last year, we abolished it. Specifically, we divided its leadership functions into three separate roles.

New Ownership
Working towards a contemporary form of ownership

Ownership plays a crucial role in the regenerative transformation of the economy. Therefore, we are exploring the concept of steward-ownership.

In Good Company

TheDive is an active hub in a network of like-minded people. Within our own organization and across our network, new ideas and products continually emerge to support an economy that serves life.

Our Community for Like-minded People

TheDive Hive is our community where people come together who are already living and exploring 'the new' today. They lead in their roles and areas of responsibility, contributing to reshaping the world of business.

Our beehive already has more than 2,000 members and continues to grow daily.

At TheDive, we constantly create new things.
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