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TheDive Base¹ in Berlin's Wedding is an oasis for new ways of working. It adapts and molds itself – like a living organism, it responds to needs, desires, and aspirations. Here, we can work with focus, experiment with processes in teams, build and test prototypes, find inspiration, feel comfortable, and engage in exchange.
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Die Base¹ is living

We believe that changes within and without mutually influence and condition each other. For this, suitable spaces and time are needed.

In the northern part of Berlin, tucked away in a courtyard in Wedding, we have transformed a 500m² industrial floor of a yellow brick building into a playground for new ways of working. The countless big and small ideas in this biotope did not originate from a single mind. Here too, we applied our principle of co-creation, spinning, discussing, discarding visions in workshops together, and then implementing, adapting, and changing step by step.

For instance, the wardrobe now warmly welcomes visitors in bright yellow. The shape of this honeycomb filled with jackets and bags was initially marked on the floor with just a few strips of tape. Together, we cut the wooden panels and erected the structure. No one knew which lamps would complement it. Yet, just as plants, cabinets, and sofas found their way to us, the lamps also fell into our hands and found a new home in Base¹. In the toilets, during workshop breaks, you can immerse yourself in a wild jungle with birds, palm leaves, and a golden waterfall, or embark on a journey into the Space Cowboy cosmos.

Voices murmur softly, someone moderates in the workshop space, participants peek curiously towards the entrance, gathering around the coffee machine. Post-its adorn the windows. On the windowsill, an herb garden flourishes.

Fully scribbled and painted whiteboards are pushed aside, making room for an audio massage on the cozy carpet. In the quiet corner, individuals hide under headphones, concentrating on numbers. Behind the disco curtain, someone listens intently to the person on the other end of the line. The kettle hums in the kitchen. A parrot perches in the bathroom.

The spaces at Base¹ are versatile, catering to a variety of formats—whether for focused retreats, action-packed trainings, creative design thinking sessions, or even communal yoga exercises, dinners, and dance evenings. Whiteboards, standing desks and chairs, flexible shelves stocked with materials for visualization and role-playing, and a tea kitchen provide us with a biotope where new ideas can grow and be tested, processes reflected upon, and restructured anew.


By Car:
Located in the northern part of Berlin, the Base¹ is easily accessible via Federal Highways 96 or 96a. Since Uferstraße is a dead end, the best route is to take B 96 until Wiesenstraße and then turn left onto Uferstraße. From B 96a, take Wollankstraße, Prinzenallee, and Pankstraße, then turn right onto Schönstedtstraße, which leads to Uferstraße where you turn right again.

By Train:
Berlin Hauptbahnhof can be reached in under 20 minutes by taking U8 and then transferring to M10 at Bernauer Str. Only a few stops away is Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen, a hub for regional trains, S-Bahn, and U8, as well as some long-distance trains. Nearby BVG stops include Osloer Straße (U9 | U8) and Pankstraße (U8).

By Plane:
From Flughafen BER – Terminal 1-2, the Airport Express (FEX) reaches Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen in 30 minutes. From there, you can take U8 to Pankstraße or walk approximately 15 minutes to the Base¹. A taxi ride takes about 50 minutes.

TheDive GmbH | Uferstraße 6 | 13357 Berlin

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