Leadership Development
We support leaders in defining their role and responsibility within their organization and in the world, and in establishing a contemporary understanding of leadership.
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In a highly dynamic and increasingly complex world, the traditional image of leadership is under pressure. Yet, how can leaders provide guidance when they themselves are searching? What mindset do leaders need in times of constant change and complexity? How can they establish and embed a shared understanding of leadership within the organization?

Our offerings

Development Programs

We design individually tailored leadership curricula that draw on proven components while also addressing the specific requirements of leadership teams. We collaborate with existing leadership teams as well as mixed groups, where leaders from across the organization participate in suitable development programs together.

Leadership & Strategy Offsites

We support you to take a step back from the daily grind to delve deeply into pressing issues as a leadership team. You will work on strategic decisions and return strengthened and well-coordinated to daily leadership responsibilities.

Transformation Coaching

In particularly challenging times, there is a need for a protected and supportive space to reflect on personal and organizational development, and to devise solutions. In addition to team and organizational development initiatives, or independently from them, we support individuals and small groups on their unique development journeys.

We can intentionally focus on topics such as role-based leadership, female leadership, transformative leadership, or resilience and overload.

Case Study
Deutsche Telekom
How do you change the leadership culture in a large corporation?
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