How does change succeed
in a large corporations?
The Deutsche Telekom has taken substantial and bold steps towards new forms of collaboration and unleashing potential. We have accompanied them in this journey, step by step and from within.
Regenerative Business:
How to embed sustainability
in the work culture?
With The Stellar Approach®, we help organizations embed sustainability transformation comprehensively throughout the entire breadth of the organization.
Life-centric economy:
What does a life-centric
organization look like?
At TheDive, we explore through our own example how organizations function where People, Planet, and Profit are in balanced harmony with each other.
How does self-organization
work in hospitals?
At the Aschaffenburg-Alzenau Hospital, the first self-organized general surgical ward operates with The Loop Approach®.
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Who we are

A consultation, an idea incubator, a networking hub.

Our vision is a world where companies contribute to solving the greatest challenges of our time instead of exacerbating them. Across various fields, we accompany you to become part of an economic sector where economic success and humanity are no longer contradictory.

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Our Services

Transformation guidance in disruptive times

Organizational development

We support executives, people managers, and transformation leaders in shaping change and navigating with clarity and structure.

Team Development

We support teams in unfolding effective collaboration and making meaningful use of creative freedom.


We support transformation and personal development on an individual level through coaching sessions with individuals or small groups.

Trainings & Upskilling

We train and educate individuals who want to further develop in the areas of agile collaboration, change management, sustainability, or regenerative economy.

Leadership Development

We support leaders in defining roles and responsibilities tailored to their organization and establishing a contemporary and empathetic understanding of leadership.

Deep Dives & Offsites

We design and deliver multi-day formats for small or large teams, as well as for executives, beyond the daily routine. This creates space for development and intensive engagement.

Philipp Sevenich | WDR Dateneinheit

“The diverse toolbox of methods and concepts that TheDive brought and vividly conveyed has consistently shown me a meaningful next step in every situation to develop our very own operating system at WDR. Through workshops with TheDive team, I have come to realize the potential within WDR and especially within myself!”  

Katrin Thieme-Wagner | Executive Management Peras

“With TheDive's support, at Peras, our conviction that economic success and humanity are not contradictory but two sides of the same coin in terms of sustainable corporate management becomes reality. Here, we work with professionals who continually inspire us, and with their support, we achieve significant results for the development of Peras.“

Eva Arenz | WDR Sustainability board 

“The collaboration with TheDive has not only been very enjoyable but has also provided significant clarity regarding our role(s) and a meaningful approach.”  

Our Focus Areas
Becoming Regenerative

In this 5-part article series, we provide you with a detailed insight into where we ourselves stand on the journey towards becoming a life-centric organization.

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