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Leaders face high pressure in times of increasing complexity, multiple crises, and rising employee expectations. They navigate diverse tensions that need to be balanced daily.

How can we best handle complexity and uncertainty? How can we distribute responsibility meaningfully? How do power hierarchies evolve into competence and purpose hierarchies? How do co-creation and leadership align? How can we ensure performance in highly volatile environments?

Every social group needs leadership. The question is how we organize it.

Leadership is indispensable in organizations. But how can leadership be structured to provide clarity and direction while also allowing for adaptability and embracing uncertainty?

We develop experiential formats for leadership development that do not provide pre-packaged answers but invite critical reflection. Topics such as handling complexity and uncertainty, performance and accountability, as well as responsibility towards our environment, become tangible and thereby promote the development of contemporary leadership skills.

There is no good leadership without good self-leadership

Responsibility means providing answers to life's questions. But where do the answers come from when life becomes increasingly incomprehensible?

These are the areas we work in

Leadership Development

We develop individually tailored leadership curricula that draw on proven components while also considering the specific requirements of the environment. Because leaders are crucial catalysts for any type of organizational change.

Regenerative Leadership

Sustainable and regenerative transformation requires leaders who create and protect new spaces of possibility. We support leaders and leadership teams in their regenerative orientation.

Leadership and Strategy Offsites

We design “Deep Dives” where leadership teams can deeply explore pressing questions and make key decisions undisturbed. Through collective alignment, strength, and clarity emerge for the entire organization.

Executive Coaching

We create safe spaces to reflect on personal and organizational development. Through exchange, new perspectives and solutions emerge — even in challenging situations.

Hybrid Leadership

We help develop and improve leadership, culture, and collaboration for teams working remotely or in hybrid setups.

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Leadership Offsite

In a two-day format for leadership teams, we create a space where you can reflect on and challenge your individual and collective mindset to develop a shared alignment.

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