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We design formats beyond the daily routine to give important topics the space they need.
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Sometimes, a different setting is needed to freely address the most important topics. It's crucial to focus not only on what's on the agenda, but also on what happens in between. Finding orientation. Exploring spaces for solutions. Looking towards the future. Connecting. Pausing to reflect. We will support you with exactly that.

Our offerings

Team Offsites

The team composition has significantly changed? Collaboration is influenced by open or underlying conflicts? Motivation and teamwork could be stronger and more enjoyable?

There are team issues that cannot be satisfactorily addressed with the usual team routines and require a different space. We design your team offsite and guide you through the most important team days of the year.

Leadership Offsites

Coming together away from the stressful daily business to delve deeply into pressing issues as a leadership team: We design and facilitate Deep Dives that become a valuable routine for many leadership teams.

Strategy Offsites

The big picture is only seen with enough distance: We create that space at strategy offsites, which provide ample room to make strategic direction decisions.

Upon request, we provide expert insights on topics such as regenerative economics or future-oriented leadership and collaboration models.

Case Study
Co-creative Experience Design

The Loop Fellow Forum is a multi-day event that brings together the community around the Loop Approach in a special way. We'll tell you what it's all about.

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Are you interested in our offerings or do you have a specific project inquiry? Eva-Maria looks forward to discussing with you in a personal meeting or via email.

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