The Stellar Approach®
Mastering your
regenerative transformation
Mastering the greatest economic challenge

Climate change is the most pressing challenge of our time. The pressure has also reached organisations, and sustainability is now the defining issue on the transformation agenda. Yet this massive challenge is overwhelming for many organisations.

The Stellar Approach® is a low-threshold training that empowers teams to contribute step by step to the regenerative transformation of their own organisation. And helps to ensure their own survival.

What is the Stellar Approach®?

Many organisations have now recognised the need for change towards sustainable management and have set themselves ambitious strategic goals. The question is: How to achieve them?

It is gradually becoming clear that transforming towards a sustainable or even regenerative organisation is a fairly extensive and multi-layered challenge. Sustainability departments are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of relevant developments.

The Stellar Approach® makes this immense challenge manageable by enabling teams to align their operational activities with sustainability goals step by step, in their individual sphere of influence. Through a broad understanding of the topic, through updated routines in cooperation, through methodical support and a joint learning and evaluation process.

For whom is the Stellar Approach®?

The programme is designed for all types of teams - whether operational or leadership. Embedding sustainability and regenerative practices culturally, organisationally and economically throughout the organisation requires staff and teams at all levels. To adapt their thinking and actions step by step to the new framework in their respective spheres of influence.

For program steering, we work closely with HR and/or those responsible for transformation and sustainability departments. After all, sustainable and regenerative action is one of the key future competencies for which organisations are called to prepare themselves now.

The core elements of the programme
4 Principles

What we need is not only an economy that "does less damage", but one that creates positive solutions and contributes to the regeneration of our ecosystems. In such an economy, human well-being, ecological health and economic success are equally important.
The Stellar Principles are our guiding star for regenerative organisational design and give us clear direction. They are based on the design principles of life, and translate them to individual organisations.

Awareness of systemic interdependencies.

The active promotion of diversity and inclusion.

Thinking in cycles and closing loops.

Considering the long-term effects of our economic activities.

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7 Practices

The Stellar practices are tangible work routines that help teams to implement the regenerative principles into their everyday work.

01 - Contextualise and situate
02 - Understand interdependencies
03 - Set common intention
04 - Thinking in circular processes
05 - Making regenerative decisions
06 - Making use of your circle of influence
07 - Generating impact

3 Virtues

Transition situations need energy and inner clarity on an individual level. The Stellar virtues focus attention on inner competencies. In the Stellar Transformation Process, these virtues are cultivated on an individual level in order to master the transition into regenerative management together and to remain resilient in the transformation.

Joy in shaping

Programme structure & procedure
Stellar for teams in your organisation
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Entry offer
On a journey to Regenerative Business

In our one-day masterclass, you will learn about principles and practices of regenerative business and get first impulses on how you can implement them in your organisation.

Why "regenerative" and not sustainable?
Termine und Trainings
from 5. October
Stellar Academy - Ausbildung zum regenerativen Wirtschaften #01
Ausbildungsprototyp zu Sonderkonditionen
Durchführung: Remote-Trainings und Präsenz-Trainings in Berlin
Sprache: Deutsch
Status: ausgebucht

| Termine |

Kontext: Startmodul
👩‍💻 Remote-Termin
5.10.2023 (12-15 Uhr)

Kontext: Abhängigkeiten und Intention setzen
📍 Präsenz-Training
9.10.2023 (9-18 Uhr)

Richtung: Zirkuläre Prozesse und regenerative Entscheidungen
📍 Präsenz-Training
10.10.2023 (9-18 Uhr)

Richtung: Agile Tools und gemeinsame Werkstatt
👩‍💻 Remote-Termin
8.11.2023 (9-13 Uhr)

Wirkung: Den eigenen Einflussbereich nutzen
👩‍💻 Remote-Termin
22.11.2023 (9-13 Uhr)

Wirkung: Wirksam werden und wirksam bleiben
📍 Präsenz-Training
29.11.2023 (9-18 Uhr)

Transformations-Architektur und Fragen der Umsetzung
👩‍💻 Remote-Termin
10.01.2024 (9-13 Uhr)

| Sonstige Infos |
Die Präsenz-Termine finden in der TheDive Base1, Uferstraße 6, 13357 Berlin statt. Die Remote-Termine werden über Zoom durchgeführt.

| Voraussetzungen |
Da die Ausbildung verkürzt ist, empfehlen wir eine vorherige Ausbildung im Loop Approach oder in anderen agilen Methoden der Zusammenarbeit.

| Dokumente |
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

| Kosten |
1.950 EUR zzgl. USt. (regulärer Preis)
1.950 EUR zzgl. USt. (rabattierter Preis für Selbstzahler*innen)
Statt des regulären Preises der späteren 10-tägigen Ausbildung von 6.950 EUR zzgl. USt. bzw. des rabattierten Preises für Selbstzahler*innen von 5.250 EUR zzgl. USt.

20. February
Stellar Masterclass 11/23
A one-day masterclass where you will learn principles and practices of regenerative business to apply to your own organization.
Where and When: 1 day - remote
Host: Ella Lagé
Language: German
Status: available

Regenerative management is the most important topic in organizational development. But what is behind this new term? What do regenerative principles and economic practices look like? And above all: How do I apply them to my organization or team?

In our one-day masterclass we will get to the bottom of these and other questions and make you fit to reflect culture and processes in your organization and to set first impulses for regenerative ways of doing business.

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