The Stellar Approach
Your path to a
regenerative future
When you set out on the journey towards transforming your own organization sustainably, or even regeneratively, you face a Herculean task.
Thanks to the Stellar Approach, we can offer you a developmental pathway that brings together clear goals, a well-organized change process and a steady pace.
Why is the Stellar Approach required?

Business has been an important driver of social development since time immemorial. However, our linear understanding of business is increasingly reaching its limits—leading to ever-worsening social and environmental problems.

Today, we are in the midst of the greatest transformation of the late industrial period. Action is urgently needed: we’ve spent many decades stretching the foundations of our very existence to the limit. Alongside this, the costs of not doing anything have long outweighed the costs of restructuring companies, as the impact of social and environmental crises are having an increasing effect on our own business models.

Regenerative organizations have been at the vanguard of this paradigm shift. They’re aware they’re embedded within social and environmental systems and care about their well-being, using them as drivers of innovation.

How does the Stellar Approach work?
The four Stellar principles are our guardrails, providing direction for the entire journey of transformation.

Embedded, Circular, Inclusive and Long-Term—these four principles answer the question of what a regenerative economy looks like, one that is in harmony with planetary boundaries and that has business models that lead to social equality.

The Stellar Transformation Toolkit focuses on four organizational levers for a holistic, developmental transformation.

Strategic Alignment, Business Model Innovation, Team Development, Impact Measurement.

First steps for big assignments: what we offer to get you started
Stellar Learning Lunch – 90 min

90 min / up to 150 participants / virtual

We won't save the world in 90 minutes, but it can be a start. Our Stellar Learning Lunch will introduce regenerative principles and present some tools in interactive exercises that can be used immediately in your own work.

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Stellar master class – 1 day

1 day / up to 16 participants / virtual or face-to-face

The Stellar master class is a one-day deep dive where participants get an overview of regenerative economics. Instead of working your way through numerous publications, you'll get the opportunity to explore what the Stellar principles and regenerative approaches mean for your own organization. We'll also reveal what three drunk men in a car have to do with global crises.

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InterStellar Learning Journey – 3 days

3 days / up to 16 participants / virtual

Our InterStellar Learning Journey is an immersive learning format that thrives on the diversity and input of our speakers. We travel to companies that have already embarked on the path towards a regenerative future and talk to experts who give us new perspectives on business.

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The Stellar Logbook
This book will see you take your own personal step towards a regenerative economy.

The Logbook was born out of our Interstellar Learning Journey and will assist you on your personal path towards regenerative thinking and business. An array of new tools, reflective exercises and stimulating content from our Stellar Approach transformation framework awaits.

Got questions? Interested in the Stellar Approach? Ella would be more than happy to speak with you.

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