The Stellar Approach®
A structured process for true sustainability transformation in your organization. For regenerative impact and increased innovation capability. Team by team. Step by step.
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In most organizations today, the focus has shifted from whether they should become more sustainable to how they can achieve it. Current efforts largely concentrate on evaluation and reduction. However, sustainability transformation is also about innovation and design.

With The Stellar Approach®, we assist organizations in breaking down this immense task into manageable steps, embedding genuine sustainability practices into the organization's culture, and fostering innovation capability.


The Stellar Approach®

What is The Stellar Approach®?

The Stellar Approach is a toolkit that helps organizations embed sustainable and regenerative practices into their daily operations. This enables organizations to build decentralized and widespread solution capabilities, crucial for addressing the most pressing transformation challenges today.

Step by step, teams learn how they can contribute to sustainability transformation within their own spheres of influence.

How does the approach work in practice?

Similar to digitalization, sustainability transformation is a challenge that impacts every team and department within an organization. Therefore, the Stellar Approach is a team-based development program designed to help organizations decentralize this immense task and leverage the innovation potential across the entire organization.

In 3 modules of 2 days each, leadership and operational teams are guided to enrich their individual work routines with regenerative business practices and to utilize their sphere of influence towards sustainability transformation.

What design principles underlie the approach?

These five design principles underlie the transformation design of the Stellar Approach:

Team by Team:

The Stellar Approach is a team-based development program, harnessing the full potential of the organization.

Circle of Influence:

Through the Stellar Approach, leaders, employees, and teams learn to leverage their individual spheres of influence towards sustainability transformation.


The Stellar Approach embeds regenerative behaviors and habits into daily work practices of teams (skills, tools, mindset).

Iterative Work:

The Stellar Approach involves iterative processes to achieve incremental results and continuously evaluate actions.

Competent Handling of Goal Conflicts:

With the Stellar Approach, leaders and teams learn to recognize and manage emerging goal conflicts to leverage them for development.

Who is The Stellar Approach® relevant for?

The Stellar Approach® is relevant for you if you are a leader, sustainability manager, people and culture manager, or organizational developer seeking an effective approach to achieve your sustainability goals.

The Stellar Approach serves as a team development process suitable for organizations of all sizes and professional backgrounds.

What problems does The Stellar Approach® solve?

Complexity and Scale of the Challenge

Sustainability transformation is an extremely multifaceted and complex task that affects organizations holistically. To achieve sustainability goals, potentially all economic activities need to be scrutinized.

Therefore, at its core, the Stellar Approach is a team development program. It helps each team incrementally make their daily work more sustainable, regardless of their specific field. This approach harnesses the teams' innovation potential and, consequently, that of the entire organization. The immense challenge is decentralized and broken down into manageable steps.

Economic Goal Conflicts

The economy, financial systems, and consequently markets, supply chains, and business models are undergoing disruptive times. Leaders are under tremendous pressure and often insufficiently prepared for these challenges. Organizations frequently operate with management logics that no longer align with current realities and scientific insights.

The Stellar Approach combines clarity on shared alignment with a deliberate approach to handling goal conflicts. Goal conflicts are not undesirable shadow issues but are integrated and processed as valuable information for further development in the process.

Lack of Commitment

Despite rhetorical intentions, there is often a lack of genuine commitment at the leadership level to achieve real sustainability successes. At the same time, sustainability transformation thrives on success stories that inspire and demonstrate what is possible.

These success stories do not always have to involve the entire organization; they can also achieve significant impact within a limited sphere of influence. Therefore, the Stellar Approach works with teams: tangible solutions and developments can emerge on a small scale that inspire other teams and make potentials visible.

Lack of Resources

In our highly dynamic business environment, resources are a scarce commodity. Sustainability projects are often postponed and deprioritized in favor of more immediately pressing issues.

The Stellar Approach is not an "additional project". Instead, teams learn how to align their daily work and associated (micro-) decisions with the vision of genuine sustainability. Sustainability principles are integrated into their daily practices, routines, and behaviors on the job.

Our Offer

Transformation of Operational Teams

You're ready to get started with your team? We'll accompany you through three modules of two days each to align your operational practices with regenerative principles. Along the seven practices of regenerative economics, you'll deepen your systemic understanding and learn how to design your processes in a regenerative manner. You'll discover how to make regenerative decisions, measure your progress, and maintain resilience throughout.

Support for Leaders

We assist leadership teams in driving sustainability transformation within their organization. Through our Stellar Alignment workshop series, leadership focuses on the critical years ahead, formulates a shared ambition, and provides a clear process framework for sustainability transformation.

Training to become a Stellar Practitioner

For those who want to take direct action in their own work environment and support their teams in developing regenerative solution skills: In our training to become a Stellar Practitioner for regenerative economics, we provide you with the necessary tools using the seven practices and methods of the Stellar Approach, so you can start right away.

Jasmin Verena Weber | Organizational Development Consultant

"The Stellar Approach not only provides a comprehensive toolkit and knowledge of regenerative sustainable economics but has also taken me on an inspiring journey of personal and professional development."

Natascha Roosen, Sustainability Consultant

"I feel incredibly inspired and excited to feel renewed enthusiasm and lightness around this important topic, ready to take action and contribute to shaping the necessary transformation of our economic system.“

Daniel Hansen | Executive Management Beach Mitte

"The entry is straightforward due to its good structure, and one quickly sees how effective the Stellar Approach is. Moreover, it immediately promotes positive collaboration within organizations and enhances implementation capabilities."

As an introduction
Free Strategy Session

In a joint hour, we focus on your specific challenges and determine which next steps are meaningful for your sustainability transformation.

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The Book on The Stellar Approach®

On 360 beautifully designed pages, we introduce you to The Stellar Approach® in detail. Includes 23 exercises to get you started right away.

Training Program: Stellar Practicioner

In our training to become a Stellar Practitioner for regenerative economics, we provide you with the necessary tools to implement Stellar methods in your organization.

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