Responsive Organizations
TheDive develops systems for making organizations more agile and responsive. We help you every step along the way.

Many organizations suffer from the same problems. Unmanageable complexity. Ever-increasing speeds amid ever-diminishing returns. Using our proprietary Loop Approach® we work with you to create a new operating system for your organization that takes into account every aspect of your team. That way, you can deftly respond to changes as they arise.

Developing an organisational culture

The culture of an organisation provides its direction through the interaction of strategic ideas, structures, procedures, and processes. We help you create an awareness and a language for the culture you want to achieve – enabling targeted refinement from individual teams to entire organisations.


Responsive organisations set themselves apart through a high degree of autonomy and self-organisation. We help you transition to a flexible, skill-based hierarchy with a clear framework for action. [Link to Loop Approach]

Change architectures

Be it for individual teams or entire organisations, our change architectures create space for finding your own solutions, mould the strands of activity into a cohesive whole and learn in iterative loops.

The Loop Approach®

The Loop Approach® is a method for developing responsive and agile organizations. It focuses on 7 attributes shared by effective businesses. With them, we can increase the maturity of your entire organisation – team by team.

Case Study
We were invited to accompany the SIEVERS-GROUP in setting up their new division in self-organisation.

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