Hybrid Spaces
TheDive helps you develop a hybrid home base that is co-creative, iterative and needs-focused.

What at the beginning of the pandemic seemed like digital improvisation has now become a new approach to space in the business world. As work continues to decentralise, we have to think beyond the physical boundaries that have traditionally defined the workplace. How should virtual and physical spaces be linked to create a sense of “home” for your organisation, regardless of where your employees are? Using our Hybrid Spaces, we work with you and your team to find answers – to this question and many others.

How can we link virtual and physical spaces to create the sense of a corporate home base regardless of where we are?

The Corporate Home Base

The spaces needed to work well and stay connected depend on the individual business, though some elements remain constant. Corporate culture is the link connecting virtual and physical spaces. How do we see ourselves? How do we treat each other? What distinguishes our corporate home base? And how do we translate our vision into today’s hybrid reality?

Co-Creation – the Key to User-Centred Solutions

The design of a corporate home base is all about the people who will move within it. Our guiding principle is that space shapes culture and culture shapes space.

Participants in our co-creation journeys learn collaboration as equals. Together they discover what individuals and organisations need to flourish. Our process forms not only the spaces that surround us but also the way we work within them.

Our work is

  • multidisciplinary and non-hierarchical
  • process-oriented and open-minded
  • co-creative and iterative in learning
  • free and autonomous in decision-making
  • agile in management and planning
Getting started
Check your company Homebase Check with us!

Join one of our six-hour workshops to discover what you and your team need to design a corporate home base and understand the co-creation that goes into it. Our workshop is offered remotely or on-site.

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