Networks & Community
TheDive builds communities of the like-minded – within your organization and beyond.

Transformation thrives on the creation of new, intelligent ways of working and living together. Whether in the form of fireside chats, executive purpose circles, meet-ups, community dinners, learning journeys to the pioneers of our time or unconferences – we bring people and perspectives together, curate exchange and strengthen collective movement.

Learning Circles

Our learning circles provide a confidential space where our customers can share their transformation experiences and find support and inspiration.

Communities of Practice

Change lives from connection with others. The same goes for transformation in an organisation. We support in-house community building and help your transformation team facilitate the sharing of experiences and strengthen your momentum for change.

TheDive Hive
Become a member of our hive.

TheDive Hive is a community of over 1,000 members who are already living and exploring "the new" today. Like-minded people meet here and contribute to shaping a sustainable business world through events, workshops, exchange and networking.

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