An immersive sound, scent and body experience
Presented by TheDive.
Second Journey on May 5th 2022, Berlin
All life is embedded and cyclic. There is no generating without regenerating.

What has the state of the world to do with our own state? The complex challenges and crisis-like conditions of our time often lead to individual and collective overload. There simply is too much. One possible recipe: Shutting down. Delimiting. Fencing.

What might make sense as an individual short-term strategy to regain one's own focus becomes a problem as a collective long-term strategy: because development needs relation and resonance. How are we in relation to ourselves? How are we in relation to our fellow human beings? How are we in relation to our home, to our planet? What are we generating from these different positions? How can we re-generate without shutting down?

With Re-Generate, we are going to explore these questions. Not in an abstract-theoretical way. Instead, we will experience them directly with our own energies, senses and bodies. Re-Generate is an experiment, just like our life is an even bigger experiment.
It will take your courage, your perseverance, and your confidence.

Pretty much what we need in these days, too.

The fusion of multiple sensory experiences is meant to create a momentum to get in touch with yourself, each other and the world.

Photo Credits: House of Beautiful Business

Three components of the experience
Auditive Comprehension

A unique audio landscape composed specifically for TheDive by sound designer and musician, Sebastian Jautschus, leads us through various spheres of our inner worlds. Throughout this sound journey, the presence of three dimensions becomes increasingly clear. The first dimension brings us deeply into ourselves, and touches us on a primitive level of creative capacity and knowing. The second dimension invites and implores us to connect with our fellow human beings in a dynamic of alternating quiet and powerful sequences. The third dimension connects us to everything beyond humanity - and in turn to ourselves again.

Regardless of its intension, the Re-Generate audio landscape will mean something different to everyone as it juggles our sense of individuality with collective consciousness. All that matters is that it takes you on a journey in which you can fully dive into.

Olfactory Compassion

For Re-generate the two founders of LIMEN, Michele Tiberio and Diletta Tonatto, created a unique perfume, which was developed with an algorithm that analyzed all the data of this experience (the audio input as well as the digital footprint of Stellar, our framework for regenerative business). The result is a profile and matched fragrances, giving life to a real perfume uniquely created for TheDive. This perfume allows you to bypass both temporal barriers, and connects you to archaic states such as childhood memories and specific geographic locations. "With a perfume we can, while standing still, travel thousands of miles thanks to its limbic processing", the two creators say.

Embodied Connection

The auditive and olfactory landscape are an invitation to fully immersive oneself into the overall experience. Your authentic and spontaneous impulses are welcome, all you have to do is to listen carefully to what your body is telling you. If you want to sit with the music, sit with it. If you want to express yourself by moving and shaking, do so. If you want to reach out to another fellow Re-Generate traveler, feel free to join the dance. It’s not about pre-defined ideas and concepts, but about the most inner direction your body intelligence is pointing you to. As all Re-Generate travelers are forming their own gestalt, every Re-Generate experience is different from the other.

Our contributors
and collaborators
Sebastian Jautschus - Audio Designer of Re-Generate
More of Sebastian

From a young age, Sebastian Jautschus has been moving in the world of music. Whether as a sound director at audio branding agency why do birds, as a podcast producer, a film music composer, a singer-songwriter, a hip hop and pop producer, a playlist curator or simply at the piano - his goal is to tell stories and communicate emotions through sound.

The Emotional Flow of Sebastian

"Right from the start, I found the challenge to evoke a sense of connection through music really intriguing. It is such an obvious and desired outcome for any piece of music, but how does it actually work? How does connection emerge? How is it built? How does the concept come to life? When I get into a state of flow, my memory gets a little blurry. After an initial meeting where we discussed tonality and descriptive words, I just remember sitting straight down at the piano at home and recording a twelve-minute-long freestyle that would later become the main theme for the audio landscape.

There were of course a few challenges in the process, too. One thing that was trickier than expected, was creating the one simple note you hear in the beginning. The challenge was to create a simple sound that was not too meditation-like, but still interesting. But after figuring that one out and getting the piano theme to a place I liked, the rest all came together almost on its own. I think the contrast of how one feels at the beginning of the piece, to how that feeling changes over the course of the half hour is a fascinating and beautiful experience."

Re-generate - The Fragrance by LIMEN
More of LIMEN

LIMEN creates fragrances and olfactory experiences based on the digital. Using data analyses, AI and the expertise of our perfumers, LIMEN enriches online interactions and expands the digital world through the sense of smell. The two founders, Diletta Tonatto and Michele Tiberio, believe that combining the sense of smell with the digital can represent a unique tool to fill the experiential and emotional incompleteness we sometimes experience in the online world. The digital experience, until now has been mediated by devices consisting of a screen and a series of interfaces: initially, the feedback that came from the digital world were based solely on sound and images that flowed on the screen, LIMEN is going to expand the perception of the digital world through the sense of smell.

This experiential perfume for TheDive "Re-generate" reflects and provides a space to engage with being in between, ambiguity is presented and dualism of existence challenged. Attraction and repulsion are simultaneously activated; the human and animal are vis a vis and represented by woods, humidity, earth, animal notes where it all alludes to a hunt in the forest. Then a drop of sweat, fear perhaps? Adrenaline? Passion and love alternate with ratio and human ambition leaning towards power and control. These are felt in the heart of the perfume, where amber meets metal.

Diletta Tonatto
More of Diletta

Diletta Tonatto is a nose and sociology researcher, creative director of TONATTO PROFUMI and co-founder of LIMEN DIGITAL. Her work and research interest are focused on the sense of smell in today’s society. Living perfumes as a liminal experience, a link between past, present and future. Diletta is fascinated by the silent but emotional and powerful stories emerging from the volatile fragrance molecules in their explosion of reminiscence. Winner of the artistic perfumery award (cafleurebon 2016,2018, re-humanism 2019 with Tiberio), her work meets art and design to create modern olfactory and ritual portraits as antidotes to the stress of everyday life. Her work with Tiberio, at Limen Digital provides a new, innovative and groundbreaking approach, one that aims at entering the metaverse with scent, never abandoning the human connection.

Michele Tiberio
More of Michele

Michele Tiberio is the co-founder of LIMEN DIGITAL, a designer and lecturer in User Experience and design research and an artist. He started his career in London working as UX and strategy designer for start-ups in the technology and sustainability field. Tiberio conceives his design practice as a way to bridge the gap between technology and the user, in order to achieve the biggest impact for people, businesses and the environment. Together with Diletta Tonatto he won the Re:Humanism Art Prize (2019) with “Me, My scent”, an experimental project that lead to the creation of the first perfume of a digital identity. Tiberio explored the question: “If you could smell the perfume of your digital identity, would you recognize yourself?”. He is currently focusing on the future of interaction on the internet and in the metaverse, he envisions a future where people are not at the mercy of technology, and digital interactions are more human.

Creative Team
Simon Berkler

As a founding partner of TheDive, Simon Berkler works to transform collaboration, organizational structures, business models, and our society at large—and our “internal infrastructure,” as he describes it, home to our personal values, habits, and beliefs. A supporter of Impact Hub Berlin and an original co-founder of B Corp Germany, Simon began his career in brand and communication strategies. After training in holistic approaches, he took a year off to travel the world. From the many great experiences and conversations during that time grew his passion for organizational transformation and his enthusiasm for peer networks that drive his work today.

Claudia Brückner

Claudia Brückner develops environments where work feels like time well spent. By questioning everything, experimenting, improvising, and giving space to the new, she creates interactive workshops and co-creative space concepts that have no role models, but become them. As a design thinker from the very beginning, she critically observes what it takes for us as humans to remain mentally and emotionally healthy in the digital transformation and, if possible, to further expand our autonomy. She hopes to realize her “Art of Gathering” in a cocktail bar in Barcelona.

Berrak Sue Sarikaya

Sue Sarikaya’s heart beats for issues surrounding the paradoxical world of new work. She is particularly interested in exploring what makes people happy at work and how we can create a sustainable and humane economy that addresses the challenges of our time. For this reason, Sue is researching whether and how purpose ownership can contribute to this in practice. With TheDive, she is embracing various interests, from product and community development to diversity and communication. Among friends and colleagues, Sue is known as a social millennial, relationship and future enthusiast, and proud possibilist.

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Re-generate at Concrete Love 2021
The immersive experience Re-generate premiered October 31st 2021 at #ConcreteLove, the annual gathering by the House of Beautiful Business