Regenerative business models
TheDive creates new business models that make our world an even better place to live, rather than destroying it.

The era of companies being solely focused on profits is over. Contemporary business models know they’re embedded within social and environmental systems and care about their well-being, using them as drivers of innovation. We use systemic processes and methods to assist you in transitioning from a profit-only model to a holistic one, while ensuring that a good balance is struck between radicalism and a developmentally-focused approach.

From sustainable to regenerative

Over the past few decades, we’ve stretched the limits of our planet to such an extent that sustainability (in the sense of “doing no further harm”) will no longer be enough. Over the next few decades, the focus will be on designing businesses so they create positive solutions for maintaining ecosystems that are still intact, and regenerating those that are already under strain.

Regenerative—in the business sense—embodies a holistic, systemic approach based on the natural principles of life. In contrast to sustainable business models, regenerative ones go a step further: they focus on the successive restoration of resources and serve the entire ecosystem and the living systems embedded within it.

Organizations who start preparing themselves for this new world now will ensure their ongoing social relevance and continued existence.

The Stellar Approach
The Stellar Approach is how we support you on the path to becoming a regenerative organization.
Learning together
The InterStellar Learning Journey

Join us on a three-day virtual trip where we’ll explore the future of a life-sustaining and regenerative economy together.

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