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Deutsche Telekom
Large Scale Transformation
Large Scale Transformation
How can we achieve comprehensive transformation towards a corporate culture that is competent in handling complexity, promotes flexibility, and enables energizing collaboration?
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From Large Corporation to Agile Network Organization

The Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading publicly traded companies in the ICT sector, with approximately 230,000 employees across five continents.

Leading such a globally active corporation into the future and adapting it to the rapidly changing conditions of our time is no easy task. Established corporate structures, working methods, and mindsets that have been in place for years are being challenged by increasing connectivity and complexity.

The overarching goal: Making faster decisions in a highly dynamic environment and achieving substantial and sustainable transformation towards agility, self-organization, and unleashing potential.

Step by Step
with The Loop Approach®

A Clear Process with a Defined Framework

The management understood: For such an ambitious undertaking, more than a simple reorganization of corporate divisions was needed. TheDive had the privilege to support the T3 team (Telekom Transformation Team, comprising 300 executives from international top management) in guiding Telekom step-by-step towards becoming a networked organization.

The goal was to fundamentally enhance agility in structures, collaboration methods, and decision-making processes, while fostering cross-silo connectivity. To sustainably activate change at the corporate level, we applied our transformation framework, The Loop Approach®.

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Free Sample

In the updated edition of the Loop Book, we provide a comprehensive and detailed description of the entire case study of Deutsche Telekom. For further reading, you can now download a free sample.

The Loop Approach®

The Loop Approach® is a clear process through which we help organizations transform from within.

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