Steps to become Loop Trainer
Are you a consultant, organizational developer or interested in team transformation processes? Do you want to learn the tools to accompany teams on their way to more self-organisation with the Loop Approach? Then the training to become a The Loop Approach® Fellow could be the next step for you!
Become The Loop Approach® Fellow

In five consecutive modules with interactive trainings lasting several days, you will get to know the team-based transformation curriculum of the Loop Approach and its theoretical foundations in depth. You will be given lots of tools and materials that have been tested in practice for working in and on the company.

Info call
Would you like to find out more about the Fellow training?

We offer monthly video calls (mostly in German) in which you can get to know us and we present The Loop Approach and our Loop Academy offers to you in a compact form. The focus is also on your questions, which we try to answer as best as possible. If you are interested in a call in English please get in touch by mail.

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7 take-aways
This is what you take away from The Loop Approach® Fellow training:
  • You will gain an in-depth insight into the 7 virtues of effective organisations and the models behind them.
  • You will learn how to prepare and follow up a loop and which work strands are needed for a transformation project.
  • You will learn different exercises and methods to introduce a team to the new behaviour and attitude.
  • You will be given the most important tools and working materials with which to design a loop.
  • You will learn how a team transformation works and what pitfalls there are.
  • You will gain insights into the typical questions participants have and how you can answer them.
  • You will receive a certificate with which you can officially act as The Loop Approach® Fellow and thus contribute to a life-sustaining economy.
Our training modules
Mindset & Culture

The two-day module deals with the question of how to develop a common language in the team in order to make attitudes and demands transparent and to develop them together. At the end of the module you will have learned tools for reflecting on group dynamics, for developing cultural processes and for holistic decision-making. You will also know how to apply what you have learned in practical counselling contexts.

Individual Effectiveness

The one-day module serves to review one's own productivity system, to get to know the essential building blocks of functioning productivity systems and, on this basis, to develop one's own system further in a meaningful way. It is not so much about tools - because something else works on that level for everyone. Instead, the goal is to initiate a change in one's own attitude: away from reactive action and towards proactive organisation of one's own working time.

Team Effectiveness & Structual Adaptation

This two-day module is about working effectively in a team. Tension-based working is central to this. You will learn why tensions are not negative but drivers of change and how you can create clear spaces for tensions of all kinds and resolve them responsibly. At the end of the module, you will also know why operational meetings and steering meetings are necessary and how to conduct them as a facilitator in a confident and light-footed manner.

Feedback & Conflict Competence

After completing this two-day module you will know the four steps of Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg. You will have practised the four-step process both for self-clearance and in communication with others and understand the basic attitude in Nonviolent Communication.

The Loop Approach Transformation Architecture

The final 3,5-days module gives you an overview of the transformation journey with the loop approach. You will understand how a loop is structured and learn suitable interventions and exercises for the three modules clarity, results and evolution. Experienced trainers will share their practical knowledge with you. At the end of the module you will have all the necessary tools to bring the loop approach into organisations and will be fit to accompany a transformation journey.

This is what Astrid says after completing her training

"With the Loop Approach, The Dive has succeeded in developing a framework that really starts where transformation has an impact: in the teams. With the training as The Loop Approach® Fellow, I not only had the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and understand the concept on a meta-level, but also to try out concrete things and reflect on them in the group. The Loop Approach is immediately applicable and the openness with which materials, tips and insights are shared in this training impressed me. I am now an even bigger fan and can't wait to do the first loops internally."

Astrid Caetano, Director Culture & Development bei der Handelsblatt Media Group

Recognised educational event

The Fellow training is recognised as an educational event according to § 10 (1) 3 of the "Berliner Bildungszeitgesetz."

Community area
The Loop Approach® Fellow Community

As a Fellow, you will have access to the community area, where we will provide you with up-to-date handouts, presentation templates, community dates and much more.

Further training levels

From Fellow to Coach.

The Loop Approach® Coach
If you have accompanied your first teams with the Loop Approach as a Fellow and have written a documentation and would like to reflect on your experiences with us in an exchange discussion, you can be certified as The Loop Approach® Coach.

Your trainers
Caro Hofer

In her role as a leader of an innovation subsidiary in the automotive industry and in the context of a gradual introduction of self-organization within classical structures and mindsets, Caro has experienced and helped shape the introduction of our Loop Approach. And perhaps also what few admit. It is not always easy. Culture change doesn't happen at the push of a button. Change comes from within. And precisely accompanying these change processes and creating and maintaining spaces in which development is possible is what gives Caro energy.

Constanze Bürkner

Constanze believes in those magical moments, when hearts open and souls touch. With her skills in communication and psychology, her systemic understanding, her creativity and her truly human competence she works towards building those key moments in transformation processes – then stepping back and trusting that the result will be the best possible …. Much alike what she practises with her teenage children growing into adulthood.

Cornelius Schaub

Cornelius loves to connect. Probably as his love for diversity was early on nurtured with both sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as development economics and decision analysis.
He loves connecting interior sides which seem to be in conflict. And to connect people. He experiences “flow” when opening a space in which they play their best concert together.
In the game of life he learns most from his wonder-full children. Also great nonsense which brings back beautiful memories of his time with circus art. He dreams of a world full of appreciation and experiencing (non)sense together.

Elena Lange

Elena loves innovation, change and diversity. In search of more purpose, she traded law firm and courtroom for a startup office in Neukölln a few years ago. At the self-organized IT consultancy EMPAUA, she explores processes, tools and methods of self-leadership and tension-based working as a People Circle Lead and incorporates her practical experience into every module. As a trainer for non-violent communication and integral business coach, she supports teams and individuals in discovering their potentials, recognizing conflicts as opportunities and solving them sustainably.

Eva Hohenberger

Eva is driven by the idea that people come together in a meaningful way to cooperate with an open heart and a clear mind. She is enthusiastic for systems that are designed to let its members contribute to topics that deeply move them while each person is able to bring in their full potential. To add to her personal and work experience in the context of self-managed teams, Eva is researching forms of self-organization in family businesses as a PhD student at the University Witten-Herdecke.

Felix Herter

Felix wants to contribute to people finding a deeper access to themselves and strengthening their connection to their fellow human beings and the environment. He sees enormous potential in this to effectively counter the great challenges of our time - from turbo-capitalism to xenophobia and the climate crisis. At TheDive, Felix works on building and strengthening these connections especially as a facilitator in transformation processes, trainer of The Loop Approach Fellows and organiser of the Loop Academy.

Felix Rübcke

Felix guides organizations in cultural development processes that enable people and teams to find their own answers to their questions and develop solutions to their challenges. He is particularly interested in how mindset, behaviour, structure and culture (can) interact in such a way that better decisions are made and translated into desired results. He experiences moments of happiness when organisational action contributes to making the world more beautiful, more alive and thus more worth living in. Felix prefers to spend time on the water and in the mountains.

Frederik Fleischmann

Frederik knows and values that order and new work don’t have to be antagonists. At TheDive he focusses on how self-management can be implemented in a way that it actually works and supports the organization. A balance of head and heart is especially important to him. He proved this in his previous positions as internal and external organizational developer and – typically for a Berliner – he worked in the founding team of a startup. His academic education is in business studies – untypically there he dived into the science of happiness.

Jones Kortz

Since 2002, Jones has specialized in helping teams build a culture of talking to each other instead of about each other. The mindset and skills of the "Rosenberg Model" are his source of inspiration. For him, feedback and conflict competence play a key role in the performance and spirit of a team. Only when a team experiences sufficient psychological safety in dealing with each other does the spiral of trust and transparency turn upward. Jones loves the moments when interpersonal tensions turn into relationship-potential. Because: Good work needs good relationships!

Max Hesse
Maya Biersack

Maya loves to accompany teams, to awaken the joy of self-organized cooperation and to discover undreamt-of treasures along the way. She is convinced that a meaningful purpose, clear structures, transparency and empathy are the keys to successful cooperation. Especially Holacracy and non-violent communication are her favourite topics - best in combination. As co-founder and board member of a small public limited company (IT), she has lived entrepreneurship and gained 16 years of management experience. In her first career, she was a graduate computer scientist.

Simon Hofer

Simon's concern is to create spaces, where purpose orientation, compassion and business innovation come together. As a leader in the automotive industry, he has been committed to self-organisation and co-created the The Loop Approach in practice. Since 2018, he is accompanying people and organizations in transformation processes on the way to greater awareness and deeper release of potential. Eye level, curiosity and compassion distinguish him as a coach. His source of strength is connection with nature and the love for his family with two small daughters.

Vincent Lauenstein

Vincent brings people together. With shining eyes and open arms, he accompanies change processes and organisational development, preferably in the open air. He is experienced in supporting people and teams in their search for traces inside and outside, whether in social organisations, foundations or global service companies. Building structures and processes in interplay with openness to results and emergence is his speciality. When he is not helping to break through ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour, he meditates around the campfire or gives hugs.

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The Loop Approach is not a project that is finished at some point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In the Loop Community, we have the space to share our Loop experiences and further develop the framework.

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