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Feedback and conflict skills
The art of communication.

In this training course, you’ll become familiar with Marshall Rosenberg’s four-step process of nonviolent communication (NVC) and its underlying approach. Our new dates aren’t yet online. We’ll publish them as soon as enough people register their interest. Feel free to add yourself to the waiting list!

What to expect:
  • You’ll be introduced to the four-step NVC process and find out how you can use it in expressing yourself and in discussions with others
  • You’ll become familiar with Marshall Rosenberg’s four-ears model
  • You’ll learn how to differentiate between observations and interpretations/evaluations, feeling and thinking, needs and strategies, and requests and demands
  • You’ll learn what self-empathy and empathetic listening mean
    And how you can take feedback and criticism on board
  • You’ll learn how to prepare for challenging conversations
How you’ll learn:
  • Stimulating theory in plenary sessions
  • Silent exercises
  • Group work
  • Sharing within the group
  • Reflection rounds
  • Film clip
  • Role-playing
  • Feedback (giving and receiving)
Remote training
Meeting pilots
A deep dive into effective meeting formats and what’s behind them.

Structuring effective teamwork on the basis of tension-based activities, facilitating sync meetings for operational agreements and governance meetings for leadership topics—this training course covers it all. Our training course is fully booked! New dates are not yet online. We’ll publish them as soon as enough people register their interest. Feel free to add yourself to the waiting list!

What to expect:
  • You’ll learn why tension isn’t a bad thing but is a driver of change
  • You’ll be introduced to a map that you can use to work out where and how you can resolve your tension responsibly
  • You’ll learn why operational and leadership meetings are necessary and how you can conduct them with ease and confidence as a facilitator
  • You’ll also learn what pitfalls might arise and how you can resolve them
Our training sessions
9. November
Loop Onboarding Training
Teams that have already been through the loop speak a different language. Therefore, it is especially important for you as a new employee to understand this. In this "language course" you will learn the basic concepts of Loop, which will help you to get started more quickly in a team working according to Loop principles. [The training is conducted in German.]

What you will learn

  • After your participation in Loop Onboarding, you will be familiar with the purpose logic.
  • You understand how independent work in roles and proposal crafting work.
  • You are familiar with tension-based working and the associated concept of the 4 rooms for the productive release of tensions.
  • You've also experienced how Sync and Governance meeting routines are implemented and support team collaboration.

How you will learn

  • Theoretical impulses in plenary
  • Silent exercise
  • Group work
  • Collaboration in the group
  • role plays
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The Loop Approach isn’t a project with a fixed end point. We see it as a growing ecosystem that’ll keep developing on an ongoing basis. The Loop Community gives us space to share our Loop experiences and continue developing the framework.

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